Foxconn manual smd counter compare with Seamark Auto xray SMD counter

Comparison of two different X-ray SMD counter

Foxconn recently purchased many sets Seamark ZM X-ray SMD counter. Now let's look at the comparison of the production line equipped with Seamark ZM X-ray counter before and after.

photo 1 showed that Foxconn's traditional manual counter

photo 2 showed that Foxconn's traditional manual counter operation mode.

photos 1&2 are the most primitive ways for customers to count material trays. Each class needs 5-7 people. Every day, their arms are sore, and they can not keep up with the progress of production line change.

photo 3 showed that Foxconn using Seamark ZM auto X-ray SMD counter

photo 3 is the X-ray counter of Seamark ZM,It only needs one person to operate, replacing the original number of operators, which greatly reduces the inventory time and saves the labor cost.

It can be seen that compared with Seamark ZM X-ray components counter, Seamark ZM X-ray counter is superior in all aspects.

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