Holiday Notice for Dragon Boat Festival


Dear Friend:

Hello! June 25, 2020 is the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. SeamarkZM is here to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. Thank you for your long-term support and attention to us! Because of your support and trust, we have been able to make continuous progress in a fierce market environment.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival that has been handed down throughout the Chinese nation. According to the relevant provisions of the "Notice of Holiday Arrangements for Holidays in 2020" promulgated by the General Office of the State Council, our company's holiday arrangements for the Dragon Boat Festival are as follows:

From June 25, 2020 to June 27, 2020, there will be three days off.

Among them, the Dragon Boat Festival on June 25 (Thursday) is a national statutory holiday. The holidays are adjusted on June 26 (Friday) and June 28 (Sunday), and on June 27 and June 20. long time.

Work normally throughout the day on June 20 (Saturday) and 28 (Sunday).

Thank you for your support to our company!

SeamarkZM Team

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