How to choose a x-ray inspection system

What factors shall we consider when choosing x-ray inspection system


More and more industries and manufacturer are beginning to use X-Ray inspection equipment such as PCB assembly, food manufacturing, garment manufacturing, automotive electronics, solar panels, LED, lithium battery, wiring harness, aerospace, semiconductor packaging.

When we choosing a X-ray inspection system, some factors must be taken into consideration:

1. X-ray tube type: open tube or closed tube. This type is correlated with the resolution and lifespan of inspection devices.
below is the comparison between open tube and closed tube.


2. The x-ray focal spot size
The smaller the spot size is, the more intricate and delicate details users will see. If the target inspected is at a large scale, then it won't matter when you choose the device with a relatively low resolution. For PCBA and BGA CSP packages, and higher precision product, the spot size of 5um or smaller will be better.

3. X-ray voltage and power.
The penetration capability of X-ray tube is proportional to the voltage. When voltage is large, objects with higher density and thickness can be inspected. When the inspected target is single-sided boards, devices with low voltage can be chosen. However, when the inspected target is multi-layer boards, high voltage is required. As for the certain voltage, the image definition is proportional to X-ray tube power.

X-ray inspection technology has brought new reforms to inspection methods, and it can be the best alternative for manufacturer to further increase the fabrication craft and product quality.
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