Dose Testing for PCB X ray inspection

Dose Testing for PCB X ray inspection

X-ray inspection systems are widely used in many industry sectors such as:

electronic components and PCB manufacturing industry
smart phone and computer manufacturing industries
military, aerospace and automotive industries

Non-destructive testing of semiconductor devices and PCB allow investigation of hidden areas such as the wire bonding and the quality of post solder reflow of components such as BGAs.

During X-ray inspection, the electronic components is highly irradiated, hence receiving a radiation dose. The high irradiation allows to produces sharp images of micron level scales.

Too high a dose may damage some components.

For the manufacturer and integrator of PCB, the danger of the radiation dose during X-ray inspection could be the physical damage caused by high dose.

The other potential concern is for subtler failure such as bit flips, loss of program, leakage, etc., with probability of failure being difficult to assess and with physical damage remaining invisible or difficult to detect.

Components of concern are semiconductor devices such as Flash memory, DRAM, microprocessors… with potential failure starting from 20 Gy (Si)

Therefore, it is important to choose the right x-ray inspection system for your semiconductor products, SeamarkZM can provide dose testing procesure for your semiconductors x-ray inspection, learn more about our PCB x-ray inspection system.


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