The Evolution of Cameras Under X-ray Inspection


As the most commonly recording tool in the world, cameras is used to record the living things around.

There is a fine art photographer Kent Krugh record cameras by X-ray inspection equipment. he creates a monograph with a series of X-ray photos of cameras, which shows the evolution of cameras.

Though today's camera works totally different than the earlier's, but one thing have never change - they are the tool create images by capturing light. “In quite another sense, this project is an homage to the cameras I have owned, used, or handled. The tools of the trade, having faithfully imaged for decades, have themselves been imaged. The resulting images align with an inner desire to probe those unseen spaces and realms I sense exist, but do not observe with my eyes.” said Kent Krugh.

Here are the x-ray photo of cameras recorded by Kent.


You can find more camera photos here: SPECIATION - Kent Krugh Photography

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