Rework Station ZM-R720 and X-6600 x-ray inspection system installed on Flymaster Avionics

Gliding and ultra-light aviation electronic navigation instruments solution provider Flymaster Avionics has purchased and installed SeamarkZM’s SMD Rework System ZM-R720 and X-6600 PCB X-ray inspection system at its São João da Madeira, Porto facility.

The X-6600 X-ray inspection system enables Flymaster to checking solder performance on devices ranging from BGAs, QFNs, thru-hole technology and any lead-less devices. In modern SMD production, components such as BGAs, QFNs or QFPs are gaining ground. Because their connectors are mostly hidden, many solder joints can only be reliably checked with an X-ray inspection.

X-6600 provide a non-destructive failure analysis of solder joints on PCBs, and ZM-R720 provide an easier SMD soldering and removing process, this will help Flymaster speed up R&D on it's innovative products.

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