X-Ray Inspection System on Electronic Components

X-Ray Inspection on Electronic Components


X-ray inspection is an efficient technology to identify counterfeit electronic components. X-ray inspection gives you the unique ability to “see” what is inside an electronic component without damaging it.

The x-rays go through the different density areas of the component under inspection, then the detect panel will output the x-ray inspection image. The dark regions in the x-ray image represent dense areas in the component. Conversely, the light areas represent light areas in the field of view. For this reason, the area around the component is represented in white. The x-ray images below represent an electronic component.

To inspect electronic components, Seamark ZM x-ray units will be your good choice, we are using the top x-ray source (Hamamatsu) and panel detector(Rayence) supplier. So we can ensure the top quality x-ray image.

Welcome to contact us if you have any question about our x-ray inspection system.

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