Zhuomao Announces the Joint Lab of NDT Inspection with Sanying Precision Instruments


Zhuomao Technology achieve the strategic cooperation with Sanying Precision Instruments.

As it's coming into Industry 4.0, a smart factory require more and more precision and intelligent control in computer-integrated manufacturing, x-ray inspection equipment is becoming an increasing need. Zhuomao and Sanying both has been into industrial x-ray inspection  field for years, and made it's own innovative technology and manufacturing strenth, with the same vision in the x-ray inspection, Zhuomao and Sanying start their strategic cooperation.

"The Joint Lab of NDT Inspection is our first step, some new project in in-line x-ray, 3D X-ray and industrial high-resolution CT will be

PS: Sanying Precision Instruments Co., Ltd is the leading professional 3D imaging equipment manufacturer that possesses independent intellectual property rights, and dedicates to the research and development of 3D X-ray microscope, X-ray online test and industrial high-resolution CT.

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