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CPM-II Pick and Place Machine

CPM-II is a fully automatic high-speed pick and place machine up to 32000cph,  with 8 placement nozzles. CPM-II can handle a large number of different components, which include 0201, BGA, QFN, and 0.8m/1.2m/1.5m LED strip. It's is a good choice for large-scale SMT production which can improve placement accuracy and speed up PCB assembly.

High accuracy linear-scanning vision system

Smooth feeder and rails

Automatic cutting-strap


Low maintenance

CPM-II Pick and Place Machine

Key Features & Benefits

CPM-II Pick and Place Machine:

1.Placement Capacity: 32000CPH
2.Placement Accuracy: ±0.04mm (Repeatable positioning precision)
3.Applicable Component: minimum 0201,maximum TQFP240,can handle BGA, QFN 0.8m/1.2m/1.5m LED strip accurately
4.Applicable PCB size: 1200*460mm
5.Power Supply: 380V
7.Equipment Weight: 1680kg
8.External Dimension (L×W×H): 1380×1800×1450mm

CPM-II provides high-speed SMT automatic placement for large-scale SMT assembly lines. It's a precision-built, plus choice, which helps you get a good ROI in the long run.


Placement speed 32000CPH
Repeat Accuraccy±0.05mm
Placement accuracy±0.05mm
Board sizeMinimum50mm×50mm,maximum1200mm×410mm
Board thickness0.4mm~3.0mm
Board weight0.68Kg below
PCB transmission mechanismThree phrases
Rail length1980mm
Spindle quantity8 Spindle X 1 Gantry 
Feeder capacity42 slots one side,84 slots two sides (Optional)
Feeder specification 8mm~56mm tape feeder,stick feeder,tray.
Component range0201~36mm QFP,BGA,IC etc.
Clamp waySide-on, top and bottom
AlignmentScanning for centering
PowerAC 380 /420/480V
Air source0.5~0.8Mpa
Control systemWindows 7 platfor + Chinese and English interface
Machine sizeL1380mm*W1800mm*H1450mm

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    We offer complete training programs for all of our Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Equipment, Wave and Selective soldering equipment at our Shenzhen, Suzhou facility and also provide on-site training at customer locations.  Our programs are designed to provide your engineers, technicians and machine operators with the operation and maintenance knowledge they need to get the best performance out of our machines.

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