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Smart BGA Rework Station

R8650C is a fully automatic visual alignment BGA rework station, suitable for automatic visual placement of various chip on large PCB boards(such as 5G communication boards), automatic soldering, and automatic desoldering. It can be combined with SAP/ERP to realize the software linkup(optional), and to realize the temperature curve analysis with S/N as the retroactive condition.

Precise Visual Alignment

ESD lonizer

Precise Motion Platform

Multifunctional Control Feature

Three Independently Programmable Heating Zones

Stable Temperature Control

Bottom Heating System

ZM-R8650C ZM-R8650C
ZM-R8650C ZM-R8650C
ZM-R8650C ZM-R8650C
ZM-R8650C ZM-R8650C

Key Features & Benefits

Precise Visual Alignment

Two sets of high-definition industrial cameras are used, and the repeat placement accuracy reaches ± 0.01mm. The 5 million pixels high- definition industrial camera system is for accurate measurement and positioning of the chip, the automatic vision software system automatically corrects the angle, and the image is displayed in HD.

ESD lonizer

Equipped with ionizer, which effectively eliminates static electricity on the board and protects the product.

Precise Motion Platform

It adopts industrial PC and servo motion control system to accurately control the X/Y/Z four-axis gantry structure to operate fully automatically and independently. It adopts a grinding marble platform and a precise grinding screw. The visual accuracy can reach ± 0.01mm.

Multifunctional Control Feature

The self-developed software realizes fast positioning and stable temperature curve (with curve analysis function), easy operation and setting, and it can automatically generate record files to achieve traceability of historical parameters.

The operation interface is simple and fast, and a professional operation interface (system parameter setting, working mode setting, heating parameter setting, data recording, etc.) is set for different product characteristics, and there are Chinese and English interfaces to choose.

Three Independently Programmable Heating Zones

Three heating zones independently programmed and controlled; convection hot air heating in the top heater and the bottom, the heater adopts a large area heating wire layout, suitable for the repair of larger BGA, and the infrared preheating zone uses the German imported medium wave ceramic infrared heating Plate heating. The area can reach 645×524mm.

Stable Temperature Control

High-precision K-type thermocouple with accuracy up to ± 1 ℃, dynamic PID multi- loop closed control selective reflow soldering process. With intelligent temperature compensation, and automatic memory function.

Bottom Heating System

The bottom preheating adopts the heating plate imported from Germany, and the built-in temperature measuring probe is more accurate, which effectively solves the heating temperature control effect. The bottom moving temperature zone automatically moves with the head to improve the board rework efficiency.


Power SupplyAC380V±10% 50/60Hz
PowerTotal power 22KW Upper temperature zone(2KW) Lower temperature zone(2KW) Other power(1.8KW)
Preheating temperature zone(16KW)
PCB Size660x600mm(Max) ; 10×10mm(Min)
BGA Chip Size100×100mm(Max) ; 1×1mm(Min)
IR Temp. Zone Size640×520mm
Motion ControlX/Y/Z
External Temp. Sensor8PCS
Control SystemIndustrial PC+Servo motion control system
Display System24"SD display
Alignment SystemZM pixels visual alignment system
Vacuum adsorptionFull automatic
Alignment Accuracy±0.025mm
Temp. ControlK-type thermocouple(closed-loop), intelligent temperature compensation system with accuracy up to ±1℃
Feeding DeviceSemi-automatic
PositioningV-groove with universal fixture(shaped fixture can be customized


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