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SPC-350 SMT Inspection Conveyor

SPC-350 is an automatic PCB conveyor machine used in SMT lines. it's a modular stand-alone machine but can be linked to other conveyors and SMT machines.

High quality and high reliability

Pass/Test working mode

Smooth speed and width adjustment

Compatible SMEMA interface

Customized support


Low maintenance

PCB Conveyor SPC-100

Key Features & Benefits

SPC-350 SMT Inspection Conveyor:

1. Thickened steel pipe welded as a whole to ensure smooth transportation; surface phosphating decontamination, outdoor plastic powder coating, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no paint, no fading, etc.
2. The anti-static belt equipped with the precision aluminum guide rail to ensure smooth transmission without jamming.
3. Adjustable speed, automatic transmission/ manual detection 2 working modes to meet different production needs: “Normal” is the normal mode, “Bypass” is the test mode.
4. Precision width adjustment mechanism, smooth and easy.


PCB Board Size50*50~450*350mm
PCB board supply height900+50/-20mm,Cup height adjustment
PCB Board transfer directionLeft-right
PCB Conveyor trackUse special rails and imported round φ3mm belt
Transmission motor15W speed motor (1 set)
Control SystemIndustrial control board control, Omron photoelectric sensor induction start
Spacing distanceThe highest spacing in each layer 30MM
Store NG board quantity5pcs
Power SupplyAC220V/50-60HZ(Independent electrical box control)
Frame materialFull sheet metal welding with electrostatic dusting computer Grey
Standard signalStandard SMEMA interface for direct connection to other devices

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    Our team of qualified and experienced engineers is available for on-site maintenance and repair support. you can reach us through online chatbox, skype, Whatsapp, phone call and email, we’re always on call to help you solve the problems.

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    We offer complete training programs for all of our Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Equipment, Wave and Selective soldering equipment at our Shenzhen, Suzhou facility and also provide on-site training at customer locations.  Our programs are designed to provide your engineers, technicians and machine operators with the operation and maintenance knowledge they need to get the best performance out of our machines.

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