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X1000 X-Ray SMD Counter

The X1000 is a powerful SMD counter integrated with an x-ray image recognition system, which makes the component counting fast, easy, and accurate. By simply place SMD reels into the machine, close the door and press the "start" button, then it counts the components and outputs the total numbers. It can be connected to the major inventory ERP system.

Ultra-fast SMD counting

High-accuracy and high-reliability



Maintenance free


Key Features & Benefits

X1000 X-ray SMD Counter:

  1. 7-15 inch reels, Loose or tightly wound components scanning Support
  2. Automatic counting components on reels, belts, ESD bags and in JEDEC trays
  3. Automated counting of unknown components
  4. Fast Counting up to 6 seconds, Easy to use operator interface, accuracy over 99.9%
  5. Cloud-based database, No local training necessary
  6. Can be Embedded into all major ERP/MES systems
  7. Barcode scanner and label printer interface
  8. Maintenance-free


Automatic counting resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystals, LED, diodes, transistors, and other multi-pin IC, etc.

Please note: Specification is subject to change without notice!


X-RAY SourceTube TypeReflective Sealed micro-focus X-ray Source
Tube Voltage80KV
Operating Voltage30-80KV
Operating Current200-700µA
Maximum Output Power56W
Micro Focus Size30µm-40µm
Flat Panel DetectorFlat Panel TypeAmorphous silicon flat panel detector
Pixel Matrix3072×3072
Field of View427mm×427mm
Image Frame
AD Conversion Digits16bits
Radiation SafetyX-Ray Leakage<1µSv/h
Equipment PerformanceStage Size450mm×450mm
Loading Capacity
of Stage
Max Tilt Angle-
Equipment SpecificationDimensionsL800×W1260×H1950mm
Net WeightAbout 800KG
Input Power220V 10A 50-60Hz


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    We offer complete training programs for all of our Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Equipment, Wave and Selective soldering equipment at our Shenzhen, Suzhou facility and also provide on-site training at customer locations.  Our programs are designed to provide your engineers, technicians and machine operators with the operation and maintenance knowledge they need to get the best performance out of our machines.

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