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X5600 X-ray Inspection System

The X5600 is a powerful X-ray Inspection System with a small footprint. it offers high-performance x-ray imaging and inspection tools, integrated with 90kV X-ray source and flat-panel detector.

HD X-ray imaging

Powerful inspection tool

Small footprint



Maintenance free

Seamark X5600

Key Features & Benefits

X5600 X-Ray Inspection System:

  1. SMT/Semicon/Solar/Connector/LED IC/PCB
  2. High-definition image: Slanting/Bridge/Voids/Cold Solder/Bonding wire
  3. 90KV 15 um closed X-ray tube, with long life, maintenance in free
  4. 1.3million high resolution digital flat panel detector
  5. Color image navigation
  6. Automatic programming detection and automatic analysis Not good or Pass
  7. More modular panels observation point setting


1) Defect inspection in IC encapsulation, e.g.: layer separation, cracking, void, and line integrity.

2) Measuring chip size, measuring line curvature, measuring the proportion of solder area of components.

3) Possible defects in PCB manufacturing processes, e.g.: misalignment, solder bridge and open.

4) SMT solder shorts, cold solder, component shifted, solder insufficient, solder void inspection and measurement.

5) Defect inspection of open, short or abnormal connections that may occur in automotive wiring harnesses and connectors.

6) Inner rupture or hollow inspection in plastic or metal.

7) Battery stacking uniformity, electrode welding inspection.

8) Seed, biological material inspection, etc.

Please note: Specification is subject to change without notice!


Items Contents
X-RAY SourceTube TypeReflective Sealed micro-focus X-ray Source
Tube Voltage90KV
Operating Voltage40-90KV
Operating Current10-200µA
Output Power
Micro Focus Size15µm
Flat Panel DetectorFlat Panel TypeTFT industrial dynamic flat panel detector (optional)
Pixel Matrix768×768~1536×1536
Field of View65mm×65mm~130mm×130mm
Image Frame Rate(1×1)20~40fps
AD Conversion Digits16bits
Radiation SafetyX-ray Leakage<1µSv/h
Equipment PerformanceStage Size280mm×320mm
Loading Capacity
of Stage
Max Tilt Angle-
Equipment SpecificationDimensionsL850×W1000×H1700mm
Net WeightAbout 750KG
Input Power220V 10A/110V 15A 50-60Hz


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