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KTR-1200 Reflow Soldering Oven

KTR-1200 is an automatic reflow solder machine with 8 Heating Zones which capable of lead-free reflow soldering. it's a good choice for high-volume and high-reliability required electronics products such as smartphones, automotive, aviation products, military products, etc. which can save your cost all around.

Automatic reflow system

High-reliable and smooth transmission system

Lead or Lead-Free solder compatibility


Low maintenance

Reflow Oven-KTS 800

Key Features & Benefits

KTR-1200 Wave Soldering Machine:

1. Heating zones

Every heating zone can be closed separately on the computer. When the bottom heating zones are closed, the PCB two sides temp. different reaches max. (PCB of different material, thickness, size, the temp. the value will be different.)

2. Heating parts

Hot air motor

Anti-high temperature motor, RPM:2800rpm, Inverter control, we can adjust the speed of the motor can be adjusted from 0 to 3000, stepless. The motor warranty is 5 years.


The heater is specially made, High efficiency and sensitivity, 5 years warranty.

Air lane structure

High efficient air lane, provides abundant air

3. Transmission parts

Anti torque rail

High strength and hardened rail, is very durable and wear-resistant.

4. Machine structure

Dismountable structure, provide wide space for maintenance. Double electric cylinder to open the hood, with self-lock function, safe and reliable. Self-made holder, easy to clean up

5. Electrical parts and controls

Industrial PC control system with PLC, Modular and PID, stable and reliable, with high repeat accuracy. Built-in creepage protector.

Real-time monitor

Generate the operation record daily, if there happen some problems, the responsible operator will be found easily.

Temperature profile

Generate the profile for each zone daily, user can review and analyze. This function is not for PCB profile testing, just for inspecting when some problem happens in a certain zone.

Production database

Generate production statements for all kinds of PCB and statistics, printable.

Alarm System

The system saves all alarm information for the user to review the alarm item and time. The system enters cool down mode when the alarm is strict.

Abnormal alarm

1.PCB runs abnormally 2. Operation abnormal 3.Temperature abnormal 4.Conveyor speed abnormal 5. Hot air devices abnormal.

Flux recycle device

Standard configured. When using nitrogen, as it is closed recirculation, if the flux fog cannot be spread, it will pollute the PCB.


Machine parameter 
Dimension(L × W × H)7050*1430*1530
ColorComputer grey
Weight Approx 3310 kg
Number of heating zoneTop 12/Bottom 12
Length of heating zone4765mm
Number of cooling zoneTop 3/Bottom 3
Rectifying plate structureSmall circulation
Exhaust volume requiement12m³/min*2(Exhausts)
Control system 
Power supply requiement3 phase ,380v 50/60HZ(Option:3 phase ,220v 50/60HZ
Total power96KW
Startup power42KW
Normal power consumption11KW
Warming TimeApprox:20min
Temperature control rangeRoom Temperature -300℃
Temperature control methodPID close loop control + SSR driving
Temperature control precision ±1℃
Temperature deviation on PCB±1.5℃(by RM board test standard)
Data storageProcess data and status storage
Abnormal alarmAbnormal temperature(extra-high/extra low temperature after constant temperature)
Board dropped alarmSingal light(yellow-warning;green normal;red -Abnormal
Conveyor system 
Rails structureOverall sectional type
Chain structureDouble buckle for preventing board jammed
Max width of PCB400mm(option:460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Range of rail width50-400mm(option:50-460mm) dual-rail 300mm*2
Component heightTop 30/Bottom 30mm
Conveyor  directionL→R(option:R→L)
Conveyor  rail fixed typeFront rail fixed(option: Rear rail fixed)
PCB conveyor directionAir-reflow=chain+mesh(N2-reflow=chain option:mesh)
Conveyor height900±20mm
Conveyor speed300-2000mm/min
Auto-lubricationMulti-lubricating mode can be chosen
Cooling system 
Cooling methodAir cooling and Water chiller

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